Visual Merchandising Activities

Setups, window display design, and creation of atmospheres related to the retail space

Store Setup

Setting up a store doesn’’t simply mean displaying merchandise; it’’s an activity that, if expertly executed, leads to immediate profit.

Proper merchandising can increase sales by 20-30%, making all activities related to product display essential within commercial strategies.

Today, I offer my clients nearly 20 years of experience in the retail and wholesale world, which I gained across various merchandise sectors. This versatile background provides me with greater flexibility in thinking and a strong problem-solving attitude.

From store setups, showrooms, events, and presentations to recreating atmospheres and developing personalized sales spaces with scenic elements and original solutions, I’ll gladly handle any project, whether starting from scratch or enhancing existing activities and spaces.

I can also manage both individual setups and yearly scheduling of setup activities, ensuring a consistently fresh and current image, solving issues related to store containment, and maximizing economic outcomes.

Window Display Setup

The window display is the “best attire every store can wear,” and just like a first date, there’s no room for mistakes.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive industry, considering and using the window as a communication tool with the outside world is of the utmost importance.

The window should be seen not as a container for random products but as a strategic lever for the brand.

Whether you need original window display projects or periodic refreshes throughout the year, I can relieve you of this challenging burden. I’ll take care of product exposure, design, and the implementation of the structures necessary to not only create the best product visibility but a unique and captivating image, too.

Emotional Communication

In-store communication, beyond proper display, involves a series of sensory stimuli that, when expertly implemented, ensure a unique in-store experience.

While online channels have eroded retail market shares, the in-store experience cannot be replicated on a screen. Activating in this regard is imperative nowadays.

If you’re seeking new means to be recognizable and provide your customers with an original shop experience, I can study the most suitable solution for your store. Whether it’s music, scents, technological solutions, materials, or services, I’ll find a new way to differentiate your store and leave a lasting impression on customers’ memories.

Materials Research and Customization to Support Display

The best product display isn’t achieved solely through setup techniques but by using the best supports to enhance product visibility in the store. My experience enables me to always find the right solutions for every display, customizing supports to meet specific client needs and brand image. Over the years, I have collaborated with leading partners in the market for designing and producing displays, furnishing complements, stands, showcases, etc., as well as with various artisans capable of creating unique projects for both large and small businesses.

Organization of Photoshoots

Maintaining consistency in brand or store image beyond the store is crucial, even when creating photographic or video material for any project. Over the years, I’ve worked with various professionals on diverse projects ranging from advertising or social campaigns to shooting for catalogs, e-commerce, or visual collection books, from creating video courses to live commerce. I’ll identify the most suitable professional and handle organizing and executing the best shoot or video, tailoring it to the project’s specific needs.

Development of Visual Merchandising Guidelines

A store can no longer be considered a mere container of products for sale. Today’s challenge revolves around uniqueness, services, and the right marketing strategy applied to retail. In-store marketing plays a key role in defining the best commercial strategies that, when combined with proper product positioning, ensures a perfect image and optimal economic returns through the application of up-selling, cross-selling, impulse purchases, pricing strategies, and more. I’ll guide you in achieving your objectives, whether you aim to increase sales, implement new in-store services, integrate new technologies to support the store, or define a trade calendar for visual merchandising, window displays, and setups.