Solutions, professionalism, creativity, and 20 years of experience in the retail sector.


Solutions, professionalism, creativity, and 20 years of experience in the retail sector.





Titolo Libro

Visual Merchandising and Marketing for Fashion

by Monica Minervini
This book aims to be a comprehensive journey into the world of visual merchandising, analyzing modern exhibition, sales, and marketing strategies while paying particular attention to the practical aspects of this discipline. It’s detailed and described through numerous examples and photographs. Reading it will provide a complete overview of the many facets of this profession, many of which are still confusing despite the demand in the job market. It also covers the tools that every professional needs to understand and skillfully apply in practice

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Luxury Retail Window Displays

The video course “Luxury Retail Window Displays” is designed to offer you concrete tools and practical skills that you can apply immediately and independently. This course dynamically and exhaustively summarizes the key concepts derived from 20 years of field experience, focusing on substance and key concepts without unnecessary detours. You’ll learn strategies and techniques to plan, organize, set up, and manage successful displays in the fashion sector. Through numerous practical examples and case studies, you’ll also discover how to capture your customers’ attention from outside the store, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

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Highly professional individual dedicated to her work. I greatly appreciated her attention to detail; she is very meticulous, almost borderline perfectionist at times.
Excellent problem-solving skills. Monica shows adaptability and, importantly, tends to foster cohesion and team spirit among the entire staff.

(Carmine Cucinella – CEO Socapri)

I cherish vivid and beautiful memories of Monica and her professionalism, recalling with great esteem how all international partners valued her on-site interventions, considering them a fundamental tool for achieving satisfying sell-outs.

Monica has always put her passion and natural inclination for aesthetic balance at the service of the company, respecting the coordinated image of the brand, while always considering the needs of Franchisees, respecting local culture and its customs and constraints in the display of fashion products.

I have been working in the Fashion industry for over 20 years now, and I consider Monica one of the most complete professionals in her field with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating.

(Valeria Garbarino – Head of Sales EMEA Moschino)

Monica is an excellent professional, attentive, punctual, and creative. Regarding her “art,” however, she possesses something more: she adds to her technical skills a positive, smiling, and collaborative character. Monica joins the team immediately and remains steadfastly committed.

Working with her offers the dual advantage of consistently high-quality work delivered on time, as well as a pleasant and reassuring atmosphere, which is of great help in a high-stress work environment.

(Bruno Ricci – Trade Fairs and Shows Manager – Piaggio Group)

The first time I saw Monica at work, I thought: finally, a true Visual professional! She is very skilled in fashion and has great empathy with the client.

(Daniela Comi – CEO of Visualiving)

I collaborated with Monica in several editions of Pitti, discovering a great professional, precise, with excellent problem-solving and team-working skills. Her positivity is also a great characteristic of hers, which, combined with her empathic nature, reveals an undisputed ability to tackle even the most complex situations.

(Valentina Monopoli – Creative Director Black Mongoose)

Monica proves to be a very communicative and creative individual. With her personal taste, she combines techniques and commercial strategies, transforming the display into a sales tool. She demonstrates particular aesthetic sensitivity, which she leverages for better commercial management of the store. She pays attention to details and aims to communicate the message that the company wants to convey about itself and its products. Additionally, she shows skills in communication and visual perception, in the theory of space and color, maintaining high aesthetic standards and alignment with our brand, supporting consistent communication across all fronts.

(Luca Catania, Boutique Manager, Milano Via Brera, 23)