Master the art of visual communication

Type: Videocourse

Soon available in english

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the world of fittings, but that no one has ever told you

Why is this course different?
This video course is based on the experience and continuous personal study that I have decided to make available to my trainees in order to give real and concrete help to anyone who wants to embark on a career as a Visual Merchandiser or wants to improve their knowledge and skills in the world of retail.

Overview, obsession for detail and passion are the magic ingredients that will guide you to discover the wonderful world of Visual Merchandising.

Theory, but also lots of practical examples, techniques, hundreds of original photos as well as diagrams and multimedia content and, in addition, the
secrets of the trade that no one ever reveals. This is what you will find in this video course.

Who Am I?

What will you learn?


Design and realize attractive and high-performance exhibitions


Organize your exhibition space efficiently and effectively


The best techniques for creating displays


How to use color and light strategically


Implement and apply in-store marketing solutions


Understanding consumer psychology and solutions to correctly stimulate the 5 senses


The different roles of Visual Merchandising and career opportunities

Who is it aimed at?


Aspiring Visual Merchandisers Professionals looking for an in-depth study of the subject


Shopkeepers, sales staff or shop managers who want to master the best display techniques


Any operator in the Retail world

Claudia Menegante

Sales assistant

During her course, Monica guides you through Visual Merchandising techniques without, however, neglecting the operational part. Thanks to her ‘method’ that allows you to concretely experience the difficulties that can arise during the set-up phase. She does not stop at theory, but gets down to practice, without secrets, without filters, happy to share her knowledge, as only a few professionals know how to do.

Francesco Pascazio

Store Manager

One of the few professionals in Italy whose words match her deeds and, in my opinion, one of the best Visual Merchandisers in the country.

In my career I have invested a lot of skills passed on by Monica and even now, in the role I hold, I do not stop doing so.
And I must say that the results are more than tangible!
Thank you!!!

Fabiana Governo

Fashion Designer

Very interesting course, comprehensively developed and very exciting, the passion, and positivity, that shines through from her when she talks about her own experience. It has awakened in me a great desire to do and get involved, and that is a lot for me. Even in the darkest times bright events happen. Thank you Monica. Really.

Le Vetrine nel Luxury Retail

In questo corso completo ed esperienziale, Monica condividerà con te le sue conoscenze acquisite in oltre 18 anni di esperienza nel campo del visual merchandising. Imparerai le strategie e le tecniche per programmare, organizzare, allestire e gestire vetrine di successo nel settore del lusso.

Attraverso numerosi esempi pratici e casi di studio, scoprirai come catturare l’attenzione dei tuoi clienti fin dall’esterno del negozio, aumentando gli ingressi e gli incassi. Imparerai anche a individuare gli obiettivi della vetrina e a creare allestimenti visivamente accattivanti, coordinando manichini, colori, strutture e materiali in modo armonioso ed efficace.

Il corso “Le Vetrine nel Luxury Retail” è progettato per offrirti strumenti concreti e competenze pratiche che potrai applicare nel tuo lavoro nel settore del lusso. Sia che tu sia un visual merchandiser professionista in cerca di nuove ispirazioni, un negoziante desideroso di migliorare la tua immagine visiva o semplicemente un appassionato del settore, questo corso ti fornirà le conoscenze necessarie per distinguerti nel panorama del luxury retail.

Aggiungi ora il corso “Le Vetrine nel Luxury Retail” al tuo carrello e scopri come creare vetrine di successo nel mondo del lusso.