Luxury Retail Window Displays

The video course “Luxury Retail Window Displays” is designed to offer you concrete tools and practical skills that you can apply immediately and independently.

This course dynamically and exhaustively summarizes the key concepts derived from 20 years of field experience, focusing on substance and key concepts without unnecessary detours.

You’ll learn strategies and techniques to plan, organize, set up, and manage successful displays in the fashion sector. Through numerous practical examples and case studies, you’ll also discover how to capture your customers’ attention from outside the store, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

Visual Merchandising and Retail Displays

This video course has been conceived, designed and realized to clearly and completely transfer everything you need to know about fittings and display techniques.

In the course you will find an exhaustive explanation of all the techniques, logics and secrets that every professional in the field, every retail operator and every retailer should learn to master.

My 20 years of experience in the field and the more than 1,000 hours of lessons I have delivered to date have allowed me to create a course that is unique in its kind, because it is complete, simple, fluent and above all essential, which means only and only what you really need to immediately put into practice what you need to create impactful, balanced, beautiful but above all high-performance displays.


Titolo Libro

Visual Merchandising and Marketing for Fashion: Monica Minervini’s Book

This book aims to be a 360-degree journey into the world of visual merchandising, analyzing modern display, sales, and marketing strategies, with particular attention to the practical aspects of this discipline, meticulously explained and described through numerous examples and photographs.

Reading it will provide a comprehensive overview of the many facets of this profession, often still too confusing despite its high demand in the job market, and the tools that every professional should not only thoroughly understand but also know how to apply in practical execution