Visual Merchandising and Marketing for Fashion:

Monica Minervini’s Book
This book aims to be a 360-degree journey into the world of visual merchandising, analyzing modern display, sales, and marketing strategies, with particular attention to the practical aspects of this discipline, meticulously explained and described through numerous examples and photographs. Reading it will provide a comprehensive overview of the many facets of this profession, often still too confusing despite its high demand in the job market, and the tools that every professional should not only thoroughly understand but also know how to apply in practical execution.

I keep a vivid and beautiful memory of Monica and her professionalism, remembering how much esteem all international partners had for her on-site interventions, considering them a fundamental tool for achieving satisfying sell-outs.

Monica has always put her passion and natural inclination for aesthetic balance at the service of the company, respecting the coordinated brand image. She has always, at the same time, taken into fair consideration the Franchisees’ needs concerning local culture, customs, and constraints in presenting fashion products. I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 20 years now, and I consider Monica one of the most complete professionals in her field with whom I’ve had the joy to collaborate with.”

Valeria Garbarino

Head of Sales Emea, Moschino

Monica proves to be a very communicative and creative person. She combines personal taste with commercial techniques and strategies, transforming the display into a sales tool. She shows a particular aesthetic sensitivity, which she leverages for better commercial management of the store. She pays attention to details and aims to communicate the message the company wants to convey.
Luca Catania

Manager Boutique, Milano Via Brera 23

Why Buy This Book?

This book is the ultimate guide to unveiling the hidden potential of retail spaces and increase economic performance.
Leveraging my experience and professionalism, I will guide you through an effective and engaging immersion into the world of visual merchandising.


Practical Experiences

Through case studies, photographs, and engaging multimedia content, I’ll show you how to successfully apply visual merchandising strategies.

Professional Clarity

I will eliminate the confusion that often surrounds this profession, providing a comprehensive overview of its different facets and career opportunities.

Effective Tools

I’ll reveal the most important techniques and tools to create the best visual merchandising and in-store marketing strategies.
Every great result is generated by a concrete action, based on a goal, strategy, and concrete knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity; start the change.

Who’s This Book For?

If you want to improve your fashion store’s performance and discover winning strategies in visual merchandising and marketing, this book is specifically written for you. It’s aimed at a wide range of professionals and fashion enthusiasts, including:

  • Visual Merchandising Experts: If you are already involved in visual merchandising and want to deepen your knowledge and acquire new skills to increase your store’s attractiveness and profitability, this book is a valuable resource.
  • Retail Operators:: If you work in the retail sector, whether in a managerial role or as a team member, this text will provide you with the necessary information to understand how to improve the appearance and functionality of your sales space.
  • Entrepreneurs and Boutique Owners:: If you own or manage a fashion store, regardless of its size, the strategies and tactics described in this book will help you create a shopping environment that attracts and retains customers.
  • Fashion Enthusiasts and the Curious:: Even if you have no direct experience in the industry but are passionate about fashion and want to understand the secrets behind successful fashion businesses, you will find this book enlightening.

Visual Merchandising and Marketing for Fashion” is designed to be a comprehensive and accessible guide for anyone wishing to seize opportunities offered by the fashion and retail world, both practically and strategically.

Monica is an excellent professional, attentive, punctual, and creative. Regarding her ‘art,’ she possesses something more: she adds a positive, smiling, and collaborative character to technical skills. Monica immediately becomes part of the team and stays there without hesitation.

Working with her offers a double advantage, not only is the work always done at a high level and within deadlines, but she creates a pleasant and reassuring atmosphere, a great help in a highly stressful job.

Bruno Ricci

Trade Fairs and Shows Manager , Piaggio Group

I collaborated with Monica in several editions of Pitti, discovering a great professional, precise, with excellent problem-solving and team-working skills. Her positivity is also one of her great characteristics, which, combined with her empathetic nature, reveals an undisputed ability to face even the most complex situations.
Valentina Monopoli

Direttore Creativo, Black Mongoose

About Me

Monica Minervini, born in Bari and residing in Milan, is a prominent figure in the field of Visual Merchandising.

Her passion for Marketing, Communication, and Visual Arts has guided her from the beginning of her career, culminating in a degree in Marketing and Business Communication in 2003 and subsequent specialization in Visual Merchandising.

In 2005, she took on the role of Visual in-store at La Rinascente in Milan, but her career took off when she became the Visual Merchandising Manager for luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Costume National, and Moschino.

She traveled the world, coordinating store images, creating hundreds of setups, training sales forces in Visual Merchandising, and managing the opening of numerous boutiques in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and CSI countries. In 2017, Monica embarked on a new chapter in her career as a freelancer.

Today, she divides her time between organizing and participating in Visual Merchandising training courses and providing strategic consultancy for various brands.

Monica’s experience and creativity make her a sought-after professional in the art of Visual Merchandising.