About me

I am a recognized expert in Visual Merchandising with a passion for transforming every retail space into a truly unique experience.

Curiosity and ingenuity have always been my two most faithful companions, considering them my “best friends,” they have guided my career as a Visual Merchandising expert, and each project has becomes a testament to my commitment and passion.

My ability to observe everything with interest, as if it were the first time seeing it, inspires and moves me. My goal is to harness and treasure the stimuli surrounding me, transforming them into creativity. If I hadn’t graduated in Marketing and Communication, I would have undoubtedly pursued a career as a psychoanalyst because what attracted me to the world of visual merchandising is the same mix of creativity, applied marketing, and psychology that composes this fascinating and complex discipline.

For almost 20 years now, I’ve been involved in visual merchandising. I worked as a Visual Coordinator for ten years for fashion companies like La Rinascente, Dolce & Gabbana, Costume National, and Moschino, autonomously managing the store image comprehensively in the most diverse countries worldwide, from Russia-CSI and the Middle East to Europe and Italy.

Over the last decade working as a freelancer, I dedicated 50% of my time to consultancy in visual merchandising. Specifically, I handle store setups, exhibitions, events, designing and prototyping display solutions, window displays, organizing photo or video shoots for advertising campaigns and social campaigns, creating collection visual books and visual guidelines, and implementing sensory marketing solutions for retail outlets.



As an expert in Visual Merchandising, I’ve had the fortune to work with clients from various merchandise sectors, including clothing, accessories, furniture, pharmacies, objects, and beauty. This has allowed me to acquire a deep level of adaptability and experience.

For the remaining 50% of my time, I devote myself to visual merchandising training. Whether it’s classroom training, asynchronous lessons, webinars, or one-to-one sessions, my passion for sharing knowledge and experiences is an essential part of my profession. The world of visual merchandising is fascinating and complex, requiring a lot of passion. While the skills can be learned, passion cannot. It’s the “secret ingredient” that, along with professionalism, curiosity, and ingenuity, turns every project I work on into an obsession.

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